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4meetingBrentford and Isleworth
7meetingBunhill Fields
9eventsWimbledon Discussion Group
10eventsQuaker Dialogue 9
11eventsAnnual Conference of Treasurers 2011
13eventsThreshings 2011
14eventsTest event
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18pageNew to Quakers?
19pageContact Us
22pageUnder 19s
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28meetingBethnal Green
32meetingFriends House
35meetingForest Hill
36meetingGolders Green
43meetingMuswell Hill
44pageMuswell Hill Meeting
45meeting/43Muswell Hill Lettings
46meetingNew Barnet
47Petts Wood
50meetingStaines and Egham
51meetingStoke Newington
52meetingStreatham & Brixton
58eventsMeeting for Worship at Speakers Corner
60eventsTest Event
61Test Group A
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64nodeSix Weeks Meeting
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706Contact Six Weeks Meeting
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80eventsEarly Quakers as Mystics: George Fox (led by Rex Ambler)
81eventsWalthamstow Quaker Quest
82eventsWalthamstow Quaker Quest - Quakers & Simplicity
83eventsWalthamstow Quaker Quest - Quakers & Peace
84eventsWalthamstow Quaker Quest - Quakers & Equality
85eventsWalthamstow Quaker Quest - A spiritual path for our time, with activities for children & young people
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87eventsQuaker History Meeting: Quaker Care for the Poor
88eventsShorts about John Bright
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90eventsTales from a year of Moneytalk Islington ...
91eventsBook launch: Being a Quaker: A Guide for Newcomers
92eventsBook launch: Counterpower: Making Change Happen
93eventsBright & Angel of Death
94eventsBook launch: Holding Faith: Creating Peace in a Violent World
95eventsBright & the Quakers - A talk by Howard Gregg
96eventsCreating a Vision of our Future: Patterns of Quaker Life in London
97eventsAll you ever wanted to know about ethical investment.
98eventsThe Banks and Society: Rebuilding Trust
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100eventsRestorative Justice
101eventsQuakers working for justice, peace and the environment
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104eventsBook launch at the Quaker Centre
105eventsEarly Quakers as Mystics: William Penn (led by Thomas Swain)
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107eventsEarly Quakers as Mystics: Early Quaker Women (led by Elaine Hobby)
108eventsEarly Quakers as Mystics: Isaac Penington (led by Rosemary Moore)
109eventsLondon Link: Return of the long weekend
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111eventsJennifer Kavanagh coming to Wimbledon Meeting House
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114eventsGeorge Fox and Margaret Fell Get Stuck in a Lift
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117eventsQuaker History Meeting: Joseph Wood, Yorkshire Quaker, 1750 - 1821
118eventsDarkness and Light
119eventsQuaker Quest - Epping - Quakers & How We Worship
120eventsQuaker Quest - Harlow - Quakers and How We Live
122groupTest group
123eventsII International Congress on Mediation-Restorative Justice, Lisbon
124eventsPlain Quakers---The Chocolate Paradox
125eventsQuakers and Politics - What is Socialism? (House of Commons)
126g/43Meeting Room
127eventsOpen Studio - Merton Arts Trail for National Quaker Week
128eventsExpression:Connecting creativity and faith
129eventsSilent day at Westminster Meeting House 10-4pm
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131eventsGames Afternoon
132eventsCroydon's Riots - A Quaker Response to Violence and Disorder
133Winchmore Hill
134eventsCecil Collins and Creativity - Art Workshop led by artist Michael Chaitow
135eventsA Magical Mystery Tour through Colour
136eventsSpirituality in Everyday Life
137eventsSouthwark Cathedral ecumenical Diocesan Prayer & Spirituality day
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140pageRWH damage report
141Site map of old site
142eventsFriends Response to the 2008 Post Election Violence in Kenya
143eventsOccupy LSX Quaker Meeting
146eventsOlives and Barbed Wire: A Selection of Newsletters from the Holy Land
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148eventsThe Development of Friends' Peace-making in East and Central Africa: The African Great Lakes Initiative: David Zarembka at the Quaker Centre
149eventsQuaker History Meeting at the Quaker Centre: Allotment Gardens for the Unemployed in the 1920s and 30s
150eventsGames Evening in the Quaker Centre
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154eventsDeep Field by Philip Gross: Book launch at the Quaker Centre
155eventsWebsite drop-in meeting Saturday 3 December 10-1 at the Quaker Centre
157eventsOccupyLSX - Talk by Ian Chamberlain
158eventsWebsite drop-in meeting Saturday 7 January 10-1 at the Quaker Centre
159eventsFaith, Feminism, and LGBTQ women - is anyone listening?
160eventsHampstead Meeting New Year Party
161eventsCroydon Friends Christmas Sharing of Words and Music
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163eventsFinchley - No Meeting for Worship December 25th
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165eventsCroydon Friends meet for worship 25 December
166eventsLondon Link Group: Margate weekend
167eventsWebsite drop-in meeting Saturday 3 March 10-1 at the Quaker Centre
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170eventsYearly Meeting 2012
171eventsQuaker History Group Talk
172eventsSinging for Peace and Protest
173eventsLondon Quakers AGM
174eventsReclaiming London Together
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178eventsCommunity - Build It or Break It?
179eventsQuaker Quest: a series informal open evenings on Mondays at Friends House Euston
180eventsQuaker Meeting for Worship at the Occupy London Stock Exchange Camp 26 February 2012
181eventsCANCELLED! “London A Living Community: Building authentic community in today’s individualistic society” a London Quakers & Woodbrooke on the Road Event
182eventsQuaker Quest: a series of informal open evenings 6.30 - 9.00 on Mondays (not Bank Holidays)at Friends House Euston
183eventsA Proper Peace for Palestine and Israel
184eventsOccupy LSX Quaker meeting
185eventsThe Soul of Leadership: A talk by Margaret Benefiel
186events"Personal Experience & Interpretation: Working for a Better Understanding"
187events50th Anniversary - A Place of Peace in Bromley
188eventsWebsite drop-in meeting Saturday 12 May 10-1 at the Quaker Centre
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190g/38Hampstead Rooms for Hire
191g/36Golders Green Rooms for Hire
192g/144Finchley Rooms for Hire
193meeting/57Our Meeting House
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195g/145Wanstead venue and room hire information
196eventsOccupy London Meeting for Worship
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198eventsDavid Lammy, MP - Towards a more equal society
199eventsLondon Link Group: Mega Link
200eventsQueer Spirit
201eventsSecond Hand Booksale: Winchmore Hill Quakers/Amnesty
202eventsLGBT Lives - Achieving our Equality: Challenging faith-based homophobia and transphobia
203eventsThe Right to Refuse to Kill
204events“Refusing to be Enemies – Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation”
205eventsCelebration of Occupy LSX Quaker meeting
206eventsNon-Violent Direct Action Training with Stop the Arms Fair
207meeting/145Arts and Spirituality Group
208eventsWandsworth Meeting Quiet Day
209eventsWebsite drop-in meeting Saturday 30 June 10-1 at the Quaker Centre
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211eventsHow can we create a sustainable, economically just society?
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213eventsArts and Spirituality Group meeting
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215eventsWorld Pride, London
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218eventsBeing Quaker, Doing Quaker
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220eventsQuaker Quest - Epping - Quakers & How We Worship
221eventsQuaker Quest - Epping - Quakers faith in action
222eventsQuaker Quest - Epping - Quakers, equality and diversity
223eventsMaking Nonviolent Revolution - George Lakey
224eventsFive Weeks in Palestine an illustrated talk M.A. Qavi
225eventsMind the Gap! - Faith, Belief, and LGBT rights
226meeting/57Small Meeting Room (Library) (7.4 x 6.3m)
227meeting/57Main Meeting Room (10.3 x 9.1m)
228meeting/57Seminar Room
229nodeVegetarian meal by Greenwich and Blackheath Eco Group
230eventsQuaker Meetings near Olympic and Paralympic Games London venues
231eventsThe struggle for land and livelihood in India
233meeting/133More information about our meeting
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2356About us
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237eventsExtra Meeting for Worship at Wanstead during Olympics and Paralympics
238eventsParalympics extra Meeting for Worship at Wanstead
239eventsExtra Meetings for Worship at Bethnal Green during Olympics and Paralympics
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241eventsWoodbrooke on the Road London a Living Community (Rescheduled) Friends House
242eventsAn opportunity for worshipful reflection with Marian Partington
243nodeLondon Link Group: Welwyn Garden City
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246nodeSalvaging the Sacred: workshop with Marian Partington
247nodePresent Project
248nodeLiving Adventurously
249eventsLiving Adventurously
250eventsLiving Adventurously
251nodeMargaret Drabble event at Wimbledon Bookfest
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254eventsNew Year Retreat - the end is where we start from
255eventsWalthamstow Quaker Quest 2012 A Spiritual Path for our Time
256nodeQuakers in their 30's and 40's - meet up & shared lunch/picnic
257eventsQuakers and the Transition movement
258nodeThe Effect: Where science meets spirituality
259eventsWhy Equality Matters
260eventsQuaker Council on European Affairs
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264nodeAn introduction to Experiment with Light
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267eventsClassical concert in support of Winchmore Hill FMH Appeal
268nodeSocially useful banking
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270nodeCome and join a climate action photo stunt!
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274nodeCall for Quaker action on John Lewis cleaner pay
275nodeQuaker Socialist Society - Land Value Taxation
276eventsQuakers March Against the Cuts
277eventsBook launch: The Failure of Success by Jennifer Kavanagh
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279eventsHarry Potter Walk with London Link
280nodeJohn Lewis cleaners deserve more than the minimum wage: what you can do.
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282nodeClothing Concern Speaker Meeting with War on Want
283eventsThe Militarisation of Society
284eventsExploring the potential of prisons--expectations and experience
285eventsMultilateral disarmament or Unilateral Disarmament
286nodeThe Leaveners Residential Theatre Project - 'The 24 Hour Panto'
287eventsQuaker Chaplaincy in a Multi Faith Centre: Olympic and Paralympic Service
288nodeOvercoming fossil fuel addiction - the next moral revolution?
289eventsSacred Space and Sense of Place
290eventsOn Reflection
291eventsChristmas Sharing of Words and Music
292eventsMeeting for worship on Tuesday 25 December
293eventsEconomic Justice Workshops
294eventsMoney and Morality
295eventsArt and Spirituality Network: Value and values
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297nodeFruits of the Spirit - Forgiveness (The Kindlers)
298eventsFruits of the Spirit: Gratitude (The Kindlers)
299eventsFruits of the Spirit: Joy (The Kindlers)
300eventsFruits of the Spirit: Love (The Kindlers)
301eventsLondon Link Winterval Party 12.1.2013
302eventsThe Love that moves the Sun and Stars: reflection on everyday mysticism
303eventsEconomic Justice Workshop
304eventsMeeting for worship on Christmas Day - Westminster
305eventsMeeting for worship on Christmas Day - Westminster
306eventsMeeting for worship Christmas Day at Westminster Quakers
307eventsMeeting for Worship, Boxing Day
308eventsMeeting for Worship, New Year's Day
309eventsLondon Link Group: Croydon 2
310events'On Reflection' - poetry and cello recital plus guided meditation for contemplative worship
311nodeSpring into all age worship workshops: 'Worshipping together - All age worship'
312eventsGive and Take Day
313eventsCelebration at Hampstead Meeting
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315eventsThree Months in Hebron
316nodeConfronting War Ten Years On - an international conference
317nodeLiberal Democrat Christian Forum Prayers for Parliament and the Nation
318events'Lover of souls'
319eventsTalk on The Success of Failure
320eventsLondon Link
321eventsLondon Link: Margate II
323eventsQuaker Rhetoric and the Birth of American Antislavery (Wimbledon)
324eventsPaul Parker: Why it’s exciting to be a Quaker today!
325eventsBeing a Quaker Treasurer, with Woodbrooke tutors Tom Heydeman and Ursula Fuller.
326eventsThe Quaker way: next steps (2 day course on 11 May and 8 June)
327eventsHow ‘free’ is our Free Will? Dialogue
328eventsMental Health, dialogue
329nodeThe Quaker way: next steps (day 2 of 2)
330nodeThe Quaker way: next steps (2 day course on 11 May and 8 June)
331eventsAn Instinct for Kindness
332eventsMeet the Suburb Quakers Past and Present
333eventsMove Your Money - joint event with Westminster Meeting
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335eventsVisioning New Fire with the Kindlers (Woodbrooke)
336eventsQAADNET meeting
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341eventsMindfulness: A retreat day with Gayle Creasey (Jordans MH)
342pageQuaker Quest
343newsMeeting to discuss issues facing Quakers in London 27 April 2013
344newsLondon Link Group at Margate
345eventsHow can the churches respond to London’s housing crisis?: practical options seminar
346eventsThe Kindlers - Fruits of the Spirit - HOPE
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348eventsWinchmore Hill Summer Concert
349eventsThe Quaker Whoosh!
350newsLondon Quakers AGM
351eventsNational March against the Badger Cull
352eventsDay for all who work with Quaker children and Young People
353eventsA Day in the Library
354eventsQuaker History Group : June 2013
355eventsJoin QPSW at 'Tell Harper' demo
356eventsLover of Souls: A dramatic evocation of the life of Elizabeth Hooton
357eventsGlobal Development and Health - an evening with Martin Birley
358eventsLondon Link Group: LLAM SUMMER link
359newsHow ‘free’ is our Free Will? Dialogue
360eventsTalk, Trance Healing - with demonstration of healing
361eventsNontheist Friends Network, London & E.Anglia Regional Day Conf.
362eventsWanstead Quaker Wednesday (1st Wednesday, every month)
363eventsWanstead Quaker Wednesdays (first Wednesday of the month)
364eventsWandsworth Quakers All Day Peace Event
365eventsProtests Against the World's Largest Arms Fair in London
366meeting/57Garden Burial Ground
367eventsFilm Screening: Brother Outsider - The Life Of Bayard Rustin
368eventsFilm Screening: Brother Outsider - The Life Of Bayard Rustin
369eventsWorkshop: The Light, the Buddha, the Lord? Quakers Naming the Mystery
370eventsQuakers & Business Group: How f/Friends have adapted their work to their needs, and those of modern entrepreneurship.
371eventsOpen House London at Wandsworth
372eventsPeace and reconciliation
373eventsOpen House at Blackheath
374eventsAffluent city: austere times
375eventsDrone warfare: convenient killing?
376eventsRestorative justice
377eventsTackling climate change: if not now, when? if not us, who?
378eventsQuakerism: a faith for the 21st century
379eventsTHE BATTLE OF THE SOMME - film
380eventsTowards a Quaker view of sex … Fifty years on
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382eventsEast London Quaker Quest
383eventsEast London Quaker Quest ( session 2 )
384eventsEast London Quaker Quest ( session 3 )
385eventsEast London Quaker Quest (session 4)
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388eventsQuaker History Meeting : Arms & Amelioration: Negotiating Quaker Peace Testimony and Settler Violence in 1830s Van Diemen’s Land
389events Faith, Love and Narrative
390eventsLove under Duress
391eventsLondon Inter-faith course, run by
392eventsLondon Link Group: Brighton III
393eventsChamber concert in aid of Quaker Social Action
394newsCivil partnerships at Wimbledon Meeting House
395eventsThe Quaker way: next steps (day 1 of 2)
396eventsThe Quaker way: next steps (day 2 of 2)
397events Interfaith Celebration of Animals service, Golders Green
398eventsQuakers and Business Group - 'Towards a Quaker bank' - Annual Conference
399eventsThe Fair Penny Campaign - Wanstead
400eventsWalking with a smile into the dark - Jordans
401eventsQuaker South Asia Interest Group (QSAIG) Annual Gathering
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405eventsLondon Link Group: Quakers on Ice
406newsThe Fair Penny campaign
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408eventsQuaker Service Memorial Exhibition, Golders Green
409eventsFossil Free Tour, London Troxy, 490 Commercial St, E1 0HX
410eventsEncompass Trust Presents: Jo Berry and Patrick Magee
411newsFeedback from afternoon sessions at London Quakers Mental Health Day 19/10/13
412eventsCrisis in Syria: Conflict & Refugees
413eventsBook Launch 'SIGNPOSTS Quakers Exploring Interfaith'
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416eventsSIGNPOSTS Quakers Exploring Interfaith - Book Launch
417eventsWhat has Meeting for Sufferings ever done for us?
418eventsCross London meeting to look at further ways of reducing work and share existing good practice
419eventsOne day nominations committee members course
420eventsExploring Conflict Through Art at Wandsworth
421eventsQuaker Asylum and Refugee Network, Meeting for business, learning and mutual support
422eventsQuaker Asylum and Refugee Network, Meeting for business, learning and mutual support
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424Page not found
425eventsQuaker Wednesday - New Year's Day, Wanstead
426eventsExploring storytelling as theological reflection - using Godly Play approach - suitable for all who work with young people.
427events3rd Wednesday Discussion Group Wimbledon
428eventsWanstead Quaker Wednesday (including Labyrinth Walk option)
429eventsLondon Link Group Littlehampton weekend
430eventsAusterity and Ealing: does it have to be this way?
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433eventsBunhill Fields Open Day
434eventsPhilip Gross Reading from his new collection of poetry, 'Later'
435eventsBecome a Circles of Support and Accountability Volunteer (COSA)
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437eventsThe Kindlers: Laboratory of the Spirit
438eventsThe Kindlers: Laboratory of the Spirit
439eventsThe Kindlers: Laboratory of the Spirit
440eventsThe Kindlers: Laboratory of the Spirit
441eventsMeet the neighbours - Bunhill
442eventsAn Introduction to Quaker Silence - Bunhill Fields
443eventsLondon Quaker Lesbian & Gay Fellowship meeting
444eventsBig second hand booksale (Amnesty/ Winchmore Hill Quakers)
445newsNotes from London Quakers day to look at ways to reduce our workload, 22 Feb 2014
446eventsTHE PERFECT CITY - The Vision of William Penn (performances)
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449eventsBunhill Fields: Social Action and Silent Reflection
450eventsNo Faith in Trident
451eventsNo Faith in Trident - Wandsworth meeting house
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454eventsLaunch event - "This Light that Pushes Me"
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459eventsArms to renewables: public speaker training (CAAT offices, London N4)
460eventsLunchtime Meeting for Worship, Hampstead
461eventsEnd Hunger Fast vigil - QPSW, Parliament
462eventsLondon Link Group: Barn Dance; Sutton
463eventsLondon Link Group: t'up North
464eventsWhat does Home mean for you - Westminster FMH
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472eventsTwo Hour Meeting for Worship at Wanstead
473events'Walk as one at one' World Labyrinth Day at Wanstead
474newsResident Quakers at Muswell Hill
475eventsConscientious Objection Then and Now
476eventsThe Quaker way: next steps - one day course for newcomers (1st in new series)
477eventsThe Quaker way: next steps - one day course for newcomers (2nd in series)
478eventsThe Quaker way: next steps - one day course for newcomers (3rd in series)
479eventsThe Quaker business method made easy!
480eventsPrisons and Punishment
481eventsWho wrote The white feather diaries?
482eventsEye witness accounts on the West Bank, at Winchmore Hill Meeting House
483eventsKindlers Workshop; Quaker spiritual practices
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485eventsParliamentary Engagement
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490eventsThere is no 'them' only us
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492eventsCircles of Support and Accountability Open Evening for Volunteers
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494newsLondon Quakers AGM 28 July 2014
495eventsRussian Adventures: Quakers, Russia and Civil Society
496eventsStop the War Coalition Demonstration for Gaza
497eventsMarch for Gaza
498Streatham & Brixton-rooms-header
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500eventsLondon Link Group: INTERVAL
502eventsPeace-building in the 21st Century, Celebrating Achievements and Hopes, Confronting Real Issues
503eventsFlights for Peace
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508eventsThe World of John Secker, Quaker Mariner, 1716-95
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516eventsQuaker presence at People's Climate March, 21st September
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519events"Kindertransport 75" anniversary commemorative journey by special train
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522eventsQuakers & Business Group 10th Annual Conference 'Food- There's a story behind everything that we eat'
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525eventsBuilding A More Peaceful World. Is It Possible?
526eventsClaridge House: Everyday Mysticism with Harvey Gillman
527eventsWHERE AM I?- where am I going? with Angela Schütz
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529eventsSay no to the bombing of Iraq!
530eventsWimbledon: Evening Discussion with Kevin Bales
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532eventsThe Mahatma amongst Friends. Gandhi's relations with Quakers
533eventsThe Mahatma amongst Friends. Gandhi's relations with Quakers
534eventsEye-witness from Palestine (Bunhill Fields)
536eventsLand Rights in India. How Ekta Parishad assists landless people
537eventsMinorities under fire: The situation of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East
538eventsLeytonstone: Gardeners Question Time
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541eventsHow to Ban Nuclear Weapons
542eventsTrance Healing: with demonstration of healing (Essex Unitarian Church, Kensington)
543eventsQuaker Capitalism – Lessons for today?
544eventsLondon Link Group - Quakers on Ice 2
545eventsTTIP, EU-US Trade Deal: Take Back the Power (Toynbee Hall)
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548eventsDetention, Destitution and Deportation, gathering Quaker energy to speak truth to power (at Woodbrooke)
549eventsArt Exhibition - Inside Out/ Outside In - at St Martin in the Fields
550eventsQuaker art exhibition
551eventsBring and sing
552eventsQuaker Way Next steps - course for newcomers (1 of 3)
553eventsQuaker Way Next steps - course for newcomers (2 of 3)
554eventsQuaker Way Next steps - course for newcomers (3 of 3)
555eventsDialogue - Dementia and Dying
556eventsOne day course: What can we do with what we’ve got?
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558eventsElders and Overseers training day at Friends House
559eventsWhat do we think about God?
560eventsLondon Link Group:Winterval
561eventsBook launch: Jennifer Kavanagh interviewed by Geoffrey Durham; Westminster meeting house
562Page not found
563eventsTalk on Health Impact Assessment; Kingston-u-Thames
564eventsTalk on Peace Making by Carolyn Hayman: Kingston-u-Thames
565eventsThe Kindlers : Rediscover advices and queries
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571eventsAn Evening with Mark Rylance & Friends, Singing in the Dark Times - a charity fundraiser for Peace Direct
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573eventsLondon Link Group: HAMPSTEAD
574eventsJustice and Reconciliation - Ending the cycle of violence
575eventsBoard Games Afternoon, Finchley
576Page not found
577eventsBuilding relationships in children’s meeting – nurture and discipline
578eventsClimate Change: It's Time to Act
579Page not found
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