The Religious Society of Friends

Quakers: religious witnesses for peace since 1660

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Quaker blogs may be found at Planet Quaker.


Introductory Items

Quaker Organizations

Friends and Nature

Quaker Meetings

A more or less comprehensive listing of Yearly, Monthly and Quarterly Meetings organized by location of meetinghouse.

Quaker Nursing/Retirement Homes

Note that Friends Services for the Aging has their own list.

Historical Quaker Meetinghouses

Some of these are still active meetinghouses; some not. All are much, much older than the Internet.

Writings of Historical Friends

Free books by Elton Trueblood available

"We have been blessed with a number of his books that are out of print - they are free for the asking - but donations for shipping would be greatly appreciated." Contact Sue Kern - Center for Quaker Thought and Practice, Earlham Drawer 104 Richmond, IN 47374 or

Writings of (or about) Contemporaneous Friends

Peacemaker sites

Quaker History

Quaker Genealogy

Links to other sites

Young Friends


Quakers from A to Z (but not X)

[mailto:] Ask for a listing here.
The listing is only available for non-bulk email use. If you agree not to use it to send mail to everyone on the list, you can see the list.

Quaker-run businesses

Computer Businesses


Health Practitioners


Performing and Visual Artists and Musicians

Publishers & Bookstores

QUIP is a consortium of Quaker Publishers. Bookstores have their own page.

Summer Camps

Other Businesses

Quaker links totally (but totally) unrelated to the RSOF

Quaker Oats Gets Its Own Section

Quaker-named sites without a clue

I've moved these off into a separate file. There's just too many non-Religious-Society-of-Friends groups which use the "Quaker" name.


Mailing lists


Please email suggestions and contributions. Quakerism is a multifarious religion. Everything on these pages should be considered representative of some but not all Quaker thought. Free web space is available on this server for any meeting-sponsored Quaker activity.
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