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Photo Wmins.jpg A typical Quaker meeting room

Sutton Quaker Meeting history page

Main documents


  • John Barlow (1815 – 1856), a biography of a notable friend
  • John Henry Barlow (1855 – 1920), various documents about John Barlow's son who is also a notable friend


  • No slideshows or other fancy stuff yet but you can see the images via …
  • this list. At least they all have meaningful names
  • The following are just samples to show GGS how to do the fancy stuff
  • Film 100 a set of images from Roger's past taken in 1968 April and including Woodbrooke Easter Gathering for young Friends
  • The same set viewed as a slide show
  • More recent Quaker photos including Paul Piqué's birthday party
  • You can also link to individual images on flickr
  • St. James's Park
  • Leeds Castle
  • Clifford's Tower, York
Photo 118343c3.jpg Three Sutton Friends on the Quakers stall at Carshalton Environmental Fair in 2011

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