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John Henry Barlow

1855 – 1924

photo of John Henry Barlow
  • Wikipedia
  • Guildhall Court
  • Ireland 1920
    • News item published in The Times, London, 1920 about the deputation to Ireland which resulted in …
    • Report by John Henry into the state of Ireland published in The Times, London, 1920 October 5
    • The above report presented as part of the full evidence before the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland, 1920–21
    • The above deputation to Ireland reported in newspapers in Bedford, Indiana (article "What English Friends saw in Ireland") and Kentucky (search the OCR text for "Barlow")
  • Obituary
    • Obituary in The Times, London, 1924 August
    • Eulogy by the editor in The American Friend, 1924 September 18, in very flowery language
    • Obituary in The American Friend, 1924 September 18
    • Testimony from Warwickshire North Monthly Meeting, 1925, in the more restrained language used in Quaker testimonies
    • The same testimony quoted in Quaker faith & practice
  • Blue plaque
  • Genealogy
  • Father
  • Five Years Meeting, etc.
    • "John Henry Barlow, of London, stated that English Friends are watching with keen interest the prohibition movement in America. Temperance workers in England look to America as a star of hope with the earnest expectation that she fail not nor weaken her position. Friends were urged not to relax for a moment that vigilance which is the price of freedom." Minute 75 of the Minutes of the Five Years Meeting of the Friends in America held in Richmond, Indiana, Ninth Month 5th to Ninth Month 11th (inclusive) 1922. Other formats for the document which contains more references to JHB
    • The Friend, Philadephia, 1920–21 and The Friend, Philadephia, 1922–23 contain several references to JHB
    • The Church and International Relations mentions JHB helping to plan a Conference of Neutral Powers
  • Edith Maud Ellis
    • Biography of Edith Maud Ellis (1878 – 1963) who was one of the defendants in the Guildhall Court hearing and one of the members of the 1920 deputation to Ireland

unveiling the plaque The lord mayor of Birmingham, Shafique Shah and Tony Barlow, a grandson of John Henry unveil a blue plaque to be erected on the house that George Cadbury built for the Barlow family, Sunnybrae, near the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham. (Image credit)

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